Colon Shore Excursion - Embera Indians

Embera Indian Shore Excursion

The authentic cultural private tour will depart the Panama Cruise port in the morning on our VIP vehicles. A short ride will take us thru Panama´s Tropical Rain Forest to aboard a Indian boat. From there the boat will navigate up the Gatun Lake where we will meet the friendly people of the Embera Indian community and learn about their traditions and culture.  You will be able to experience natural sites, strong ethnic content, Embera´s tattoos and even lunch in their typical huts!  Before returning back to the port we will have the chance to swim in a tranquil natural pool made by a waterfall in the river.  The Embera Indians have a great variety of incredible hand craft that can also be purchased from them; definitely an unforgettable experience!
When we finish with this portion of the tour, we will take a quick tour to Panama City in order to confirm our cities’ beauty. Our VIP vehicle will take you thru the Cause Way (an interconnection of Islands on the Pacific Ocean) in order to get a full view of Panama’s first world infra structure. In short terms you will get across the Isthmus from the Atlantic to the Pacific in One Day! Depending on the ship’s departure you will be transported to a souvenir shop or head back the Atlantic Coast in order to be on time in the vessel.

Price Includes 

Private Air-conditioned / DVD bus
Spanish / English speaking guide
Beverages and snacks on the bus
Embera Community Entrance fee
Panama City Tour 

What to bring : Light hiking boots or trekking sandals, light hiking shorts, sunglasses, sunscreen, T-shirt or tank top, hat, bathing suit or shorts, towel and camera.

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